A big part of Energy Healing is to help you connect, heal, and embrace the magnificent being that you are from a place of Love and Compassion. We all need a starting point, guidance, introduction or understanding when we truly awaken and are ready for change or looking for answers. A place where light, energy and information are channeled, intuitively guided and shared with all who seek a deeper connection and understanding of the Self and the Divine.

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Intuitive Healing Session

During this intuitive healing session, you will lie comfortably and fully dressed on the massage table. You may have hands lightly on you, above you and around you, connecting to your Biofield (aura & chakras), body, emotions, and higher self. The session will help to release any blockage of energy flow, creating balance and a sense of calm and relaxation. If any guided messages appear from your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and loved ones in the spirit world, they will be shared.

Each session is custom and uniquely based on your energy signature and the information it presents in that moment in time. Lisa Marie will intuitively use her healing tools as divinely guided during your session. Some of these tools include: Biofield Assessment Reading (Aura & Chakras), Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Angel Communications and Rainbow healing, Akashic Records, Mediumship, Shamanic Medicine Wheel, Channeling, TimeLine Therapy, Past/Future Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, pendulums, crystals, oracle cards, etc.

All you need to do is be open to receive healing.