Ancient Minerals – Magnesium Oil (4oz)


Magnesium Oil by Ancient Minerals is a highly concentrated liquid magnesium that allows you to absorb magnesium through the skin and avoiding any negative side effects that taking oral magnesium may have. The fluid is not actually an oil but it’s viscous texture allows it to feel like a soothing oil when topically applied. This magnesium chloride can easily be absorbed through the skin and contains 100mg / ml.


  • Apply magnesium oil liberally to large areas of clean skin. May be used on arms, legs, torso while avoiding sensitive areas and mucous membranes
  • Sensitive individuals should apply a test patch on the skin before applying liberally to the body.The solution is water soluble and can be diluted in water if necessary.
  • The oil should be left for at least 20 minutes to allow for complete absorption. No wiping is necessary but you can choose to wipe or rinse off the product after the allotted absorption time.