Weight Loss Program


Are you a busy woman struggling to shed weight and wondering why what you have done in the past isn’t working anymore?

Struggle no further. While motivation is high, we are going to take you through a 4-week plan to shed fat, stimulated your metabolism and leave you feeling more energized, more confident and sporting your favourite jeans again!

Over the next month, you will receive:
– Our starter back that deciphers your program plan
– Access to out weight loss strategy, master foods list and recipes to help you stay inspired
– 5 coaching and strategy sessions that provide education and support on the key factors involved in successful weight loss
– Accountability for weekly weigh in & tracking of the progress in our journey
– Access to group support your motivation and adherence to the program
– BONUS FOR PATIENTS who attend the clinic – 2 InBody scans and weekly weigh-ins for accountability and to measure your progress