Bronte Wellness Boutique

A Comprehensive Natural Health Clinic in Oakville

  • Accessible: Open 7 days a week with evening and weekend appointments available in natural medicine disciplines.
  • Convenient: Easy online appointment booking and comprehensive services from naturopath, massage, IV medicine, and counselling specialists.
  • Affordable: High quality products and services by experienced and skilled staff, without the high prices of some other clinics.
  • Welcoming: Friendly, warm staff in a relaxed clinic environment, situated in the beautiful Bronte area of Oakville.
  • Supplements: Our online supplement store offers easy ordering and the best possible prices on high-quality supplements – backed by our Oakville shop price match policy.
  • Experienced: Natural health doctors and therapists who have been in practice for many years.
  • Collaborative: A close-knit team of specialists who work together to provide patients better care than other natural health clinics can provide.

11 Bronte Road, Unit #28
Oakville, Ontario
L6L 0E1
(289) 837-3377

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A Natural Path to Comprehensive Care

It’s impossible to lead a fulfilling and vibrant life when you don’t feel your best. Our team of natural doctors features licensed naturopaths, registered massage therapists and licensed psychotherapists who are passionate about natural medicine to promote optimal health and wellness. We are committed to helping you live a happy and healthy life.

Our overall approach is to help you discover the underlying cause of why you are not feeling your best. Once we understand the root cause of these issues, we empower you with treatments and tools to help you achieve your best health. Whether you are getting a massage for a sore body, having IV treatment to beat fatigue, seeing our natural doctors for hormone help, or committed to losing weight in our weight loss clinic, we want you achieve lasting health.

Our goal is to help you get healthy, look beautiful, and feel amazing!


Leading Naturopaths in Oakville, Ontario

Bronte Wellness is known for its top-notch patient care and uniquely warm clinic experience. Patients commonly say they love coming to our clinic because everyone is so friendly, and they feel at home here. Our team of local Oakville naturopaths, natural doctors and therapists are highly regarded, highly rated, and highly sought-after in the area. Still, we keep our treatment costs affordable so patients can continue to receive quality ongoing care at a fair price.

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About Bronte Wellness Boutique

Bronte Wellness is a natural health clinic in Oakville with natural doctors focused on providing multidisciplinary natural medicine treatments. Our naturotherapy services are easily accessible with three naturopaths, three massage therapists and two psychotherapists to serve you better. The best naturopaths in Oakville offer online bookings, evening and weekend appointments, and comprehensive care geared to helping you optimize your health. Not only are we a one-stop-shop for services, but we also have an online naturopathic store. Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality herbal medicine supplements at the best price.

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About Naturopaths and Naturotherapy

A type of natural medicine doctor, Naturopaths are licensed and regulated primary health care providers. Naturopaths blend knowledge of modern science with traditional medicine, and spend time with patients to assess the root cause of their health issues. They then utilize alternative medicine that focuses on natural treatments to support the body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopaths practice the art and science of disease diagnoses, treatment, and prevention, using clinical nutritional, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, lifestyle counselling, and more.

Naturotherapy is a form of natural medicine, which is an approach that addresses and treats the root cause of potential health issues without relying upon prescription medications that have side effects that can often lead to further issues. It focuses on lifestyle and long-term health promotion and disease prevention using effective natural treatments.

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