About Our Detox IV Therapy

Whether you are doing a seasonal detox or looking to recover from recent indulgences, the Detox IV Therapy from Bronte Wellness Boutique is designed to support your body’s ability to process toxins. No matter if you have been exposed to toxins through your food and drink or the environment, this formula is both hydrating and nourishing.

Our Detox IV formula includes vitamin C, glutathione, selenium and B-vitamins to help your body work to eliminate unwanted toxins to help you feel your best.

How to Book a Detox IV Treatment

If you are considering a Detox IV Treatment or another IV vitamin therapy treatment, book an appointment at Bronte Wellness. A Naturopathic Doctor will go through what to expect and the details of the therapy.

At your first appointment, your Naturopathic Doctor will discuss your medical history and goals from the therapy. You will receive a mini IV treatment to assess your tolerance to IV therapy. Following the first appointment, your Naturopathic Doctor will request you go for some blood work before your next IV therapy.

Book an appointment at Bronte Wellness to learn more about Detox IV Treatment.

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