Boost your Immune System

While it’s wishful thinking to dream of year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, we Canadians need to get real come the first turn of the leaves when Autumn rolls around. With cooler temperatures undoubtedly bringing along cold and flu season, it’s imperative to prepare for and prevent illness as much as possible.

There is no better way to do so than by boosting your immune system through Immune IV therapy. An Immune IV drip can deliver the nutrients and vitamins more swiftly and powerfully than any other method.

About Our Immune IV Drip

The Immune IV drip at Bronte Wellness Boutique includes mighty doses of both vitamin C and zinc. This ensures the immune system operates at full capacity, as vitamin C works to keep sickness at bay while zinc fights infection.

It is perfect for those feeling slightly run down to halt further illness or as a preventative measure before falling ill. The Immune IV drip is also ideal for anyone engaging in any kind of travel to stay healthy in the air and all the way to your destination.

How to Book an Immune IV Therapy

To book an Immune IV therapy or IV vitamin therapy, schedule an appointment at Bronte Wellness Boutique to meet with a Naturopathic Doctor. You will discuss your health history and goals of IV therapy, and then you will receive a mini IV treatment. This mini treatment will assess your tolerance to IV therapy, and you can ask any questions about the best therapy and regimen for you. Following the mini IV treatment, your Naturopathic Doctor may request you go for blood work.

Start by booking an appointment at Bronte Wellness to discuss Immune IV therapy with a Naturopathic Doctor.

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