Integrative cancer care in naturopathic medicine is the use of naturopathic treatments to facilitate health and well-being in cancer patients. We educate those living with cancer on the important aspects of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes as they relate to their specific condition. By targeting the metabolic, immune and inflammatory pathways in which cancer cells can grow, we aim to create a less cancer-friendly environment in your body, and to help you and your immune system fight abnormal cell growth. Our goal is to help you ensure you are doing everything you can to improve your health.

Naturopathic Cancer Care uses holistic, evidence-based medicine and the fundamental modalities of Naturopathic Medicine to support the body’s natural defenses against cancer cells. The modalities we use include, but are not limited to, nutritional changes, supplementation with herbs and nutraceuticals, intravenous vitamin C, subcutaneous mistletoe injections, acupuncture and various lifestyle changes. We offer these therapies to help you at any stage of your journey with cancer and they can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment or as stand alone treatments. Whether you have just been diagnosed or have been living with cancer for a long time, you want to reduce your risk of developing cancer or you need assistance with palliation or survivorship, we can provide insight to help you along the way.

Our naturopathic treatment plans are highly individualized. Depending on your concerns, treatment goals could include the use of naturopathic modalities to provide guidance after diagnosis, compliment your conventional cancer treatment, help you manage the side effects of cancer therapies, improve your quality of life while living with cancer, or to allow you to feel in control of your health again.

The initial visit is 90 minutes long and includes a very thorough discussion about your cancer type, the history of your illness, past and present therapies and procedures, to be sure that our recommendations are compatible with your other therapies and lifestyle. Information you will want to have prepared before your appointment includes your cancer diagnosis including the grade and stage, history of medical treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immune therapy), past and current medication use, any medical imaging results, biopsy results, blood work results, and what your personal goals of therapy are. There will also be a detailed exploration of other aspects of your health, such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress and more. Please ensure the intake form is filled out at least 48 hours before your appointment to avoid your appointment being rescheduled.

After the initial visit, you’ll be given several recommendations that are tailored to your specific condition, treatments you’re undergoing, and goals of therapy. If additional therapies such as mistletoe and vitamin C are deemed valuable in your case, the next steps will also be discussed.

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