Beating Burnout: How to Restore Balance in Your Life

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Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Let’s face it: We’re all busy, dealing with endless to-do lists and struggling to balance it all. The result is often a day-to-day life that feels too hectic. We feel pulled away from the things that matter - and we may have even forgotten what those [...]

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Weight Loss: Eat less or Exercise more

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Weight-Loss Strategies: Is It Better to Eat Less or Exercise More?     Is weight loss a constant challenge for you? Are you exercising and wondering why you are not losing weight? Have you been told that muscle weighs more that fat and to just eat less and exercise more? I   Unfortunately, many people experience [...]

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Happy Life?

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Are you living a happy life? It might be a simple question, but for many people, happiness feels like an impossible goal to reach. In fact, studies show that only about one in three people consistently identify as “happy.” If that seems a bit depressing, rest easy. The steps to living a happier life are easier [...]

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Low Libido? How to Have a Better Sex Life

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Low Libido? Let’s talk about sex.   Is your sex life not what you thought it would be? Does the thought alone make you tired? Many people find their interest in lovemaking naturally drops with age. And the stress of daily life is enough to put anyone in a rut in the bedroom at times. Changing [...]

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How Mental Health Impacts Your Relationships

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Is your mental health impacting your relationship? Often when struggling with mental health we naturally turn to those closest to us for help. Our partners, friends and family members are usually our go-to people when we are faced with a difficult decision, a set-back and/or mental health. Seeking temporary support from our friends, family and partner [...]

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Healthy Hair Tips

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Luscious locks. Flowing tresses. Who doesn’t want to have a full head of healthy hair? Our culture certainly gives us the message that beautiful hair symbolizes youth and beauty.   However, particularly as we age, many of us find that the soft, full hair we may have taken for granted in our younger days starts to [...]

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Benefits of Couples Counselling

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No relationship is perfect. Just like we take our car in for service, we should do the same for our relationship. Often couples wait until issues become desperate to seek help, but couples counselling is a proactive support that can help address issues before they become irreparable.   Problems in relationships can sometimes be present in [...]

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Benefits of IV Therapy

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  Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy has gained popularity in the past few years. So what make it so amazing and better than oral vitamins? Absorption When supplements are taken orally they need to be digested and absorbed before being utilized by cells. IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals directly into veins bypassing the digestive system. This [...]

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Thyroid Disorder: Often Misdiagnosed

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Thyroid disorders lead to problems with energy levels, metabolism, and heart rate. This small butterfly-shaped gland in your throat is has a major effect on the body. Without enough thyroid hormone, your cells are not able to produce the energy they need for optimum performance. At the other end of the spectrum, your body can go [...]

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B Vitamins: Are You Getting Enough?

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B vitamins are sometimes called the energy vitamins, since they help put a spring in your step and play an important role in maintaining your energy levels. In actuality, there are eight different kinds of B vitamins, and each one has its own distinct job. How do B Vitamins Help? These vitamins work as a carefully [...]

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