About Our Osteopathy Services

Osteopathy is a non-invasive form of manual therapy that focuses on realigning the body’s structure so it can function as it was designed to.

There are four main styles of Osteopathic treatment: Structural/Musculoskeletal (joints, bones muscles) Psychosomatic (social, psychological and behavioral factors), Cranial (bones of the skull) and Visceral (organs).

Factors such as poor posture, age, injury, stress, unresolved traumas and emotions and illness can all move the body into a state of Dis-ease.

Because Osteopathy uses a holistic approach, meaning the body is seen as an interconnected framework of systems (mind, body and spirit), all layers of soft and hard tissue are addressed to encourage the body to self-correct and heal.

Once the body has been guided back into and reminded of its proper structural base, we need to ensure it “doesn’t forget”. Addressing muscular imbalances and retraining movement patterns to become more efficient in producing optimal functionality is key for sustainability.