About Our Lab Diagnostic Testing

Bronte Wellness Boutique offers Oakville area patients an unmatched range of advanced laboratory diagnotic testing to help you better understand your body and get to the root cause of your health concerns. Our team of experienced Naturopathic Doctors will review any existing bloodwork that you provide to avoid duplication before recommending tests for you. Our Naturopaths only recommend tests that are individually tailored to your health concerns and that will provide value to your care and improve your treatment outcomes.

Our Naturopathic Clinic offers conventional and advance laboratory diagnostic testing. Advanced lab test can often identify underlying concerns that may have previously gone undetected. Blood samples, urine collection, and saliva testing provided through our clinic go beyond routine lab testing to assist in diagnosing conditions and monitoring the effectiveness of therapies.

Standard bloodworks is done through a local lab while specialized tests may be shipped to a lab in Canada or the US. Your Naturopath can help guide you to a local lab for blood testing or a blood draw that may be sent off to another speciality labs or we may provide you with a take home kit for urine, saliva or stool testing that may be collected at home and the kit is then shipped to the lab.

Please note that you must be a current patient in order to purchase any of the above testing from our clinic.