About Our Hydration Hangover IV Drip

The morning after doesn’t have to feel terrible. A hangover IV can improve your hydration to minimize symptoms from consuming alcohol. Most of the negative effects experienced after drinking alcohol are from dehydration and your body attempting to detox alcohol metabolites from your system. Prevent hangover symptoms by getting a Hydration Boost Hangover IV before and after consuming alcohol. Other causes of dehydration include excessive sweating during high-intensity exercise or hot yoga and high caffeine intake, all of which may also benefit from a Hydration Boost IV drip for hangover.

*Please note: No amount of alcohol is beneficial for health, so we suggest avoiding alcohol intake. We also realize it can be part of socializing and are here to support your recovery.

How a Hangover IV Drip Works

Intravenous saline water on its own is hydrating. At Bronte Wellness Boutique, we spice things up by adding B vitamins to help increase energy and support your liver in metabolizing alcohol to speed up the detoxification process. Alcohol intake can deplete B vitamins, which can further hinder detox. Our Hydration Boost IV for hangover also includes magnesium and calcium, which are also depleted by diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine. Magnesium helps relax muscles and the nervous system, supporting a sense of calm and relaxation that may be needed after a late night out or excessive exercise.

What to Expect from Hydration Hangover IV Therapy

All IV patients are required to have their first IV therapy visit before booking specific IV treatment, including hydration IV for hangover. During your first IV therapy session at Bronte Wellness Boutique in Oakville, a Naturopathic Doctor will discuss your treatment goals and overall health. They will determine if hangover IV therapy will be safe and effective for you. To assess your tolerance to IV therapy, you will also receive a mini IV session. Your Naturopathic Doctor will discuss the next steps and how to book an appointment for a hangover IV drip.

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