About Our Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy

A quick fix for those low in the essential Vitamin B12, this injection is administered after testing levels of the vitamin to ensure the proper dose for maximum effectiveness and safety. Vegans and vegetarians among many others can be at risk for having low levels of Vitamin B12, which can negatively affect cognitive function, energy levels, memory, concentration, mood and the aging process. Aiding in proper function of the brain, nervous system and blood cells, the high-quality Vitamin B12 injection is imperative for those suffering unbalanced levels in the body.

Before Booking Your Vitamin Injection Therapy

All patients who receive injection therapy need to have an IV Initial Consultation. Your Naturopathic Doctor will assess your overall health, goals, medical history and requisition and any necessary bloodwork. Our vitamin injection clinic follows the standard of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and our goal is to ensure that vitamin injection therapy is safe and effective for you.

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