About Our Vitamin D Injection Therapy

Canada is certainly no sunshine state, and many of us dwelling in this fair land can suffer from low levels of vitamin D caused by our lack of sunny days. Linked to weakness, fatigue, body aches and pains and lowered energy levels and mood, low levels of vitamin D or a deficiency caused by many factors including some auto-immune diseases can majorly impact day to day life. Imperative for bone renewal, cell growth, blood cell formation, hormone balance, and glucose metabolism, it’s no wonder vitamin D is an essential nutrient.

A highly effective option for those suffering from low levels of vitamin D or those with difficulties increasing their levels, this injection is a highly effective way to restore vitamin D levels. As vitamin D is fat-soluble, unlike its counterpart B vitamins which are water-soluble, vitamin D is very difficult for the body to absorb when taken orally in a pill form, making a vitamin D injection a far more effective way to properly absorb this essential vitamin.

Before Booking Your Vitamin Injection Therapy

All patients who receive injection therapy need to have an IV Initial Consultation. Your Naturopathic Doctor will assess your overall health, goals, medical history and requisition and any necessary bloodwork. Our vitamin injection clinic follows the standard of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and our goal is to ensure that vitamin injection therapy is safe and effective for you.

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