Wrinkle free skin with Bioidentical Hormones help women maintain radiant, 


Hormones play a huge role in keeping your skin young and radiant. As you get closer to menopause, skin begins to age more rapidly. Estrogen plays a role in maintaining tissue collagen and keeping your tissues firm. As it declines in menopause, your skin begins to lose its elasticity making your skin appear more saggy and wrinkled.


Our Oakville Naturopathic Doctors have a safe and effective Solution


There are lots of topical face creams on the market that have anti-aging effects but our prescription hormone based face creams are researched based and have been proven to markedly improve wrinkle depth and pore sizes.


One study of 59 menopausal women looked at the effects of using 2 different forms of very low dose estrogen applied topically and its effect on skin. They not only observed the effects of wrinkles, but also closely monitored how the treatment would impact other hormones in the body. Estradiol (E2), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and prolactin (PRL) were checked monthly and at the same time skin hydration was measured by corneometry and profilometry. In 10 patients, skin biopsies were taken for immunohistochemical determination of collagen types I and III.


After 6 months of treatment, elasticity and firmness of the skin had markedly improved and the wrinkle depth and pore sizes had decreased by 61 to 100% in both groups.


Wrinkle depth was measured by skin profilometry and showed a significant reduction. Skin moisture had also increased significantly. By 6 months, the patients whose skin was biopsied, revealed increases in Type III collagen and increased numbers of collagen fibers.


Patients are always hesitant to use any type of hormone, but the study also supported that the use of low dose bioidentical hormone had no systemic hormonal side effects.


Any type of hormone use requires careful monitoring and precision prescribing. Our Naturopathic Doctors are highly trained and work with compounding pharmacies to provide the highest standard products. To get started on your plan to beautiful skin, book an appointment today with one of our Oakville Naturopaths. We are committed to helping you get healthy, look beautiful and feel amazing.