Routes of Administration Do Matter

Do you ever wonder why bioidentical hormones are often prescribed as a cream? As naturopathic doctors in Oakville, Ontario, we draw from the most up-to-date studies and practice evidence-based medicine. When it comes to taking bioidentical hormones orally or via the skin, the route of administration really does matter.

When given orally, estrogen is only 2-10% bioavailable. This variability is the result of what’s known as the first pas effect. You actually need to absorb the substance via your digestive tract before it can reach the bloodstream and then wherever else it needs to go. Orally, there is also a much greater variability between people in regards to when serum concentrations are attained with the same oral dosage. Oral estrogen has also been shown to produce more thrombogenic proteins, C-reactive inflammatory proteins, sex hormone-binding globulins and triglycerides when compared to transdermal estrogens.

Topical application of bioidentical hormones actually allows serum and tissue levels to be attained more effectively. When oral estrogen is taken, the liver gets exposed to higher levels of estrogen that can increase inflammatory factors, such as CRP, clotting markers and other liver proteins. Using topical estrogen minimizes the liver’s exposure to estrogen and reduces the risk of these changes.

At Bronte Wellness Boutique, we refer our bioidentical hormone replacement prescriptions to specialized compounding pharmacies that specifically formulate your prescription for you. By ensuring the highest standard of care, our team of naturopathic doctors can help treat the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalance.

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