[fusion_text]Glute massage isn’t often at the top of the list when people get a massge but often times other pain that you are experiencing may the result of tight glut muscles. Here are a few conditions that may benefit from a glute massage.


You have low back pain


There are a lot of muscles, as well as connective tissue that extend from the last few vertebra in your back into the pelvis htat intersect with your glute muscles. This is why a long day of sitting, you can start to feel like stabbing knives in your lower back. The tension and cramping your backside against your seat puts a line of pressure and tension along the sacro iliac joints, those two dimples in your lower back that connect your pelvic bones. This in turns pulls along the connective tissue and the adjoining muscles that connect to your mid back and ribs. By loosening the tension in your glutes, the connective tissue begins to unwind and allows the lower back muscles to pull on the bones the way they are meant to.


You are a Runner or Cyclist


As any runner or cyclist knows, pain in the shins, knees, and legs start to become a pain as part of a long-term training regime. This is because the Illiotibial band (IT band) is connected into the glut and a smaller attachment into tensor fascia late at the front of your hip. If the IT band becomes tight, it can begin causing knee and hip pain. With proper lengthening and stretching techniques to glutes and front of the hip, combined with fascia techniques over the IT band, can help rebalance leg muscles all allow for proper movements during your training.


You have Leg or Hip Pain


If you’ve ever experienced pain around your sits bones or into the side of your hip, you’re most likely familiar with rotator pain. There are a group of small, intricate muscles underneath the largest glute muscles that rotate the hip inwards and outwards. For those that walk with your feet turned outward or “duck-footed”, your external rotators are most likely too tight, they pull on the thigh bone outwards, and turn your lower leg inward causing the ankle bone to turn outward again to keep the balance. If you walk with your toes inwards or “pigeon toed”, your internal rotators are most likely to blame. The concept is the same, but your thighs are turned in, lower leg out, and therefore ankles in again. With proper stretching, strengthening, and changes in daily habits, some of these over corrections can be fixed and help you have a more balanced gait.


You are Pregnant


Your hips are expanding, low back is extending and feet are turning outward. It’s no wonder most women experience low back pain, hip, and buttock pain. With all the expanding weight into the pelvic bones, the glute muscles tend to get overstretched and cranky, causing sciatic like symptoms as the muscles close in on the sciatic nerve. Treatment of the glutes can often time relieve these uncomfortable symptoms as your pelvis expands. Glutes are also a good alternative treatment to low back pain in the first trimester where massage in the low back is kept to a minimum. Because additional heat applied to the low back is generally advised against, having glutes treated can indirectly relieve pain in the hips and low back.


You have Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome


Sharp, shooting like tendrils of pain down the back of your thigh may sciatica or piriformis synfrome. The piriformis, a rotator muscle in your glutes, can sometimes pinch the sciatic nerve causing a very painful shocking sensation into the leg. Piriformis syndrome can sometimes feel like sciatica where a radiating pain is felt into the leg. The difference is that the pain is not quite sharp and shooting, and usually stops just above the knee. This is usually a trigger point (knot) in the piriformis muscle that sends a pain signal down a certain pathway, in this case down the leg, mimicking sciatica. In both cases, the piriformis muscle and pelvic bones are assessed and then corrected for strengthening or for stretching, depending on the cause of the symptoms.


If any of these resonate with you, you may benefit from a glute massage with one of our experienced Registered Massage Therapists. Book an appointment today with our easy online booking system and let them help ease your pain.[/fusion_text]