Is your mental health impacting your relationship?

Often when struggling with mental health we naturally turn to those closest to us for help. Our partners, friends and family members are usually our go-to people when we are faced with a difficult decision, a set-back and/or mental health. Seeking temporary support from our friends, family and partner is normal and healthy, however there is a fine line when our mental health and needed persistent support starts to negatively impact our relationships.

Here are some red flags that your mental health may be impacting your relationships:

  • Increased conflict between you and your partner
  • You start noticing people avoiding or withdrawing from you (ex. Not making or cancelling plans, avoiding phone calls, etc.)
  • You find yourself seeking constant reassurance from others
  • Our partner starts struggling with their own mental health
  • Friends/family start feeling guilty or blame themselves for their inability to help
  • You start to feel guilty
  • You feel neglected and/or resentful as you’re not getting enough help and support

What can you do to help?

Again seeking support from our friends and family is normal, especially in reaction to a temporary situation (ex. job loss, life transition, etc.). However when our challenges or mental health becomes more persistent it’s best to seek the support of a mental health professional to help you better navigate your mental wellness.

We also need to be open and honest about our concerns, but also set boundaries and manage expectations of family members. For example, ask friends or family to listen and not give solutions. You may also want to help them better understand mental health to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings. However adjusting your expectations and accepting their limitations can ease pressure on the relationship. Help them understand but accept that at the end of the day they aren’t trained mental health professionals and won’t be able to give you the help you require and deserve.

If interested in setting up professional support to help you better navigate life challenges and/or mental health, book an appointment with our resident therapists. Psychotherapy and Counselling services are available at Bronte Wellness Boutique.