Is neck pain consistently a problem in your life? Have you tried multiple treatments from alternative health care providers and have not yet found relief?


Often times, therapists simply look at the problem without giving any thought towards how it came about in the first place. The overall mechanism of injury gets overlooked and although you may feel better right after a treatment, the effects of it don’t last. 


We, at Bronte Wellness Boutique, pride ourselves upon finding the root cause of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. Patients suffering from chronic neck and upper back pain often seek chiropractic or massage care. Treatment is geared towards working on loosening tight neck muscles and improving joint mobility. While this type of treatment works temporarily, you may find that neck pain tends to return after an adjustment or a massage within a few hours to a few days. This is because the main source has not been discovered or treated effectively.


Our massage therapists take it upon themselves look a bit deeper and assess what’s causing the neck pain. By incorporating manual muscle testing, orthopaedic testing, and taking the time to ask our patients about the daily habits that could be contributing to their pain, it’s easy to determine what may be the cause of the problem. In most cases, chronic neck pain is treatable with a balance of strengthening exercises as well as stretching or manual manipulation.


Because most people sit at their desks for long periods with less than appropriate posture, the shoulders begin to roll inwards, the neck tends to lean forwards, and the muscles in the upper back and neck now become lengthened. To reduce pain, our massage therapists will ensure they find the exact muscles in distress, and will educate you on how to improve your daily habits. Incorporating daily strengthening exercises in conjunction with massage and stretching will help to eliminate neck pain once and for all.


We don’t just offer treatment, we offer solutions and long term care for chronic pain. Book an appointment with one of our experienced registered massage therapist today!