You may not always think to seek counselling in Oakville.

How are you doing? Really… how are you doing? Do you feel like you have time to answer that question? Maybe even no time to think about what the answer might actually be? How are your relationships feeling? How connected are you feeling to yourself? To the world around you?  As you take a moment to think, you may find yourself questioning how are you really doing or how and I really feeling? You may not like the feeling of where you are at the moment but you may not have thought to ask for help. 

When might you think about Counselling?

Counselling may be a good option for you if you feel:  

  • Alone and isolated with your feelings. Also, like no one really knows how you feel inside. 
  • Like you are trying to cope with it all and that at some point everything you are trying to juggle is going to tumble to the ground. 
  • Overwhelmed or feeling like you are just not enough. Unsure if you can really handle all that life is throwing at you. 
  • Like you have lost the sense of who you are. You may also lack confidence and feel disconnected from yourself and those around you. 
  • Like you want support to managing life change. You may be a young adult trying to find your place in the world, managing the demands of school, new careers, relationships, and family. Navigating what feels like expectations every which way you turn.  
  • That you are the one that everyone depends on but you just really need space for yourself. A space where you can feel permission to release your own stress and emotions. A place where you can talk about their pressures and demands.  

 Counselling leads to Personal Growth

Above all, it’s my hope that all therapy leads to growth no matter who you choose to see or what technique you try. Therapy can be helpful when people are looking to slow life down, build confidence, make changes, and develop new ways of coping. Above all, I hope that therapy provides a place to explore feelings that are difficult to share anywhere else. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to navigate this place you find yourself in by yourself. If you’re curious about counselling at our Oakville clinic, what techniques are out there, if you’re thinking of giving it a try…  even give the office a call and ask for a 15 minute no charge meet and greet to discuss your needs, wants, hopes, and available options. If you feel ready, you can also book an appointment online and get started on your healing journey.