If you’ve gained weight without reason and are struggling to understand why, it may be wise to have our Oakville Naturopathic Doctors at Bronte Wellness Boutique to take a closer look at your thyroid function. They may be able to identify a hormone imbalance that could be preventing you from shedding unwanted pounds.

The primary marker that is typically used to test thyroid function is TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). TSH signals the thyroid in response to low circulating thyroid hormones. The higher the TSH levels, the poorer the thyroid function. Most doctors don’t realize that this does not tell the whole story. And, a good evaluation of the thyroid requires a full thyroid hormone profiling in combination with evaluating a patient’s symptoms.

One of the limitations of using TSH alone is that the reference ranges for normal TSH in Canada are far too broad. Doctors may not treat patients until TSH levels are outside the normal reference range of 0.3 to up to 5.0 mIU/L. However, studies suggest that symptoms are present long before the TSH becomes highly elevated.

The Framingham study sheds some light on weight gain with small changes in TSH, even when a patient was within the defined acceptable reference range. The study examined 2407 people over 3.5 years. Women experienced a 2.5 kg weight gain for every unit that their TSH went up, while men gained 1.1 kg per unit. [Arch Intern Med Vol. 168 (No. 6) 3.24.08]

A complete understanding of what’s going on with your thyroid requires an assessment of your symptoms and a more thorough evaluation of your thyroid hormones. You may not require thyroid hormone replacement, but understanding what is limiting your thyroid function and implementing strategies to improve metabolic function is what naturopathic treatment of hypothyroidism strives towards. Your personalized weight loss plan may benefit from a complete thyroid hormone profiling.

To learn more about our treatment programs, book an appointment with one of our experienced naturopathic doctors to start losing weight. Our goal is to prevent illness and help you to attain optimal health.