With winter in full swing, now is the time our minds wander to warmer climates – and the urge to  travel to them isn’t far behind! While we often seek out sunny destinations for a brief reprieve during these colder months, some aspects of travel can cause a pause in the fun. While we look forward to being whisked away to somewhere new, we often forget that drastic shifts in climate can open us up to attacks on our immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to travel illness.

In spite of
all of this, we love to travel too! That’s why we have developed a list of the
most important precautions to take prior to taking off for your next exotic
destination so you can get the most out of your upcoming vacations!

Pack your vitamins

Taking your supplements daily as prescribed will ensure you are striving towards optimal health. If you do not currently have a plan of care, talk to one of our Naturopathic Doctors about creating a plan that can help strengthen your immune system before and after your trip to avoid travel illness.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy is especially useful if you are planning air travel, boost your immune system before you fly with one of our personalized intravenous vitamin therapy treatments. It is the most potent way to boost your immune function and prevent travel illness.


Making sure
you’re well hydrated is critical preparation for trips as dehydration is a
major factor in travel. Since travel generally includes conditions such as
travelling in un-humidified airplanes, being in hot or arid climates, or
exerting more energy than usual; we need to ensure that our hydration levels
are optimized to support changes in bodily functions. When the airline
attendant asks for your beverage order take it as a signal to have a glass of
water and avoid those cups of coffee or glasses of wine. And – never be shy to
ask for refills. If anyone knows in-flight

it’s the cabin crew!


Depending on where you travel, you may be more susceptible to having travellers diarrhea or contracting other bacteria through improperly handled food or contaminated water. Reduce the risk and start taking a travel probiotic before you leave. Talk to our team of Naturopathic Doctors to find out what suits you best.


We all have a greater risk of suffering from a blood clot
when we fly. Research
shows that wearing compression socks or stockings during flights lasting more
than 5 hours helps reduce the risk of clots known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
in people who show no symptoms. Compression socks and stockings may also
help reduce leg swelling, discomfort, and blood clots from forming
near the skin’s surface. Choose to wear compression socks for
long flights, get up to walk frequently and save yourself from the pain and
hastle of getting a blood clot on your vacation.


Whether you’re going surfing or snowboarding or something in
between, you always need to protect your skin from sun exposure. The reflective
glare from sea and snow can make your skin more prone to burns which not only
make your trip less enjoyable but it can also be dangerous in the long run.
Look for natural ingredients such as zinc oxide which is a mineral used to
create a physical block from the sun. Additional ingredients such as vitamin E
or C are also nice ways of giving your skin a boost of topical


If you’re taking any prescription medication, please be sure
to have enough for the duration of your trip, plus a couple of extra doses, in
case of unanticipated travel changes. Always make sure that your prescriptions
are in labelled bottles and that you also have a doctor’s note if necessary, as
some medications might not be universally understood or accepted in different
countries. You might also consider bringing a valid prescription for a refill
of your medication as a just in case measure. 

Travel is exciting and has so many benefits from providing a
well-deserved break from routine to exploring history, learning about different
cultures and to taking on new challenges and building new skills. We want you
to get the very most out of your adventures, no matter how relaxed or extreme
they might be.

If you’re travelling soon and want to review how to best prepare you and your family before heading away, book an appointment. Together we can make sure that you’re ready for all the excitement that lies ahead in good health!

Here’s to your next adventure!