The holidays are full of cheer and far be it for anyone to miss out on the festivities. For most however, the indulgences and lack of exercise leave us with more than a few extra pounds come January. Here are a few tips from our Oakville Naturopaths to help you beat holiday weight gain.


Do not save up for the party


It may seem like a good idea to skip meals before a night out but the onset of hunger may find you making more indulgent food choices and filling up on more goodies than you would have ordinarily. Best options are to ensure that you at least have a protein rich meal the afternoon before heading out. This will help you feel more full and make it easier to resist temptation


BYO food to share


Plan ahead and bring your own healthy platter to the party. A healthy appetizer or desert can give you a go to option if you are not sure how to navigate the food served at a party.


Use or choose smaller plates


The smaller the plate you choose, the harder it is to fill. Empty space on the plate can cue the brain that you may need more food so smaller plate options equate to smaller servings.


Fill up on protein and vegetables


Protein options help you feel more satisfied and makes it easier to skip additional portions. Vegetables are also loaded with fibre that can help your plate and your stomach feel more full for less calories.


3 Bite Rule


Delectable holiday cookies and treats may look tempting but you will likely live to regret indulging in too many of them come January. It’s best to ditch the sugar, but if you are dying to try something, stick with only 3 bites. Your brain will be satisfied in the first 3 bites and you get nothing but unwanted calories if you finish the whole thing.


Pace yourself


Sometimes easier said than done, but the slower you eat a meal, the more realistic your body will register a sense of fullness. Savour every bit of what you are eating and take time in between servings to assess what you really need.


Follow these simple rules from our Oakville Naturopaths and you’ll be more likely to prevent holiday weight gain. If all else fails, our naturopathic doctors will be happy to build you a plan in the New Year to get healthy, look beautiful and feel amazing!