Self-Care improves Relationships


How often have you been in an argument when you realize, you were not actually upset about the situation, but rather you were just stressed out? Implementing daily activities such as yoga, meditation or a quiet walk outside can help you clear your mind and reduce your overall stress level. Spending time in solitude can help you strengthen your relationship with yourself and help you to be more present in your relationships with others.


Self-Care is Self Love


We show love to others by nurturing them and providing them with affection, gifts, small acts of kindness and more. If you are always in a state of giving, you may not be reaping all the rewards of love. Simple things like making yourself a healthy meal or booking a massage to ease tight muscles are acts of self-love. Change your mindset so that you can see the more you show yourself love, the more love you have to share.


Increase Productivity with Self-Care


Have you ever sat down with a task and it’s taken you forever because you were exhausted and couldn’t focus? Why struggle through something for 8 hours when 4 hours of focused time would do the trick. The better you feel, the more focused and productive you will be. Small investments of time in your own health are a wise investment. Then, when it’s time for you to work, you will be more present and able to accomplish the challenges that face you.


Self-Care Doesn’t Have to Cost Anything


Most people think they have to spend a lot of money on spa visits to better care for themselves. The reality is, it’s the simple things that are cost effective and easy that have the most impact. Taking a 10 minute break at work to go for a walk outside can be rejuvenating. Closing your eyes for 3 minutes to take some deep restorative breaths can help to reduce your stress levels and release tension. A 10 minute stretching routine when you wake up can help and using our health benefits preventatively to book monthly massages can be more impactful than waiting until you are in pain.


Self-Care Improves Your Health


The majority of health concerns I see as a Naturopathic Doctor in Oakville are related to chronic stress. Taking good care of yourself is truly preventative and can help you dodge a whole host of ailments. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so if you need help getting on track, our experienced Oakville Naturopathic Doctors are willing and able to get you an easy road to perfect health. We look forward to seeing you soon.[/fusion_text]