[fusion_text]Hundreds of products market their biotin containing products to promote hair, skin and nail growth. Who wouldn’t want to have radiant skin and lustrous hair?! Before running out and self-prescribing biotin supplements, there is little evidence to support that biotin promotes hair growth and new studies in Brazil have shown how supplementation may not be ideal for patients with thyroid disease.


Biotin is a B-vitamin and a coenzyme involved in metabolism. Deficiencies are rare since it’s readily found in food. Clinical studies have show Biotin to be beneficial to MS patients as it may have a protective affect on nerves. Studies have also shown that there is a higher requirement in pregnancy and breastfeeding and that it can benefit patients with brittle nails. A deficiency in biotin may lead to hairloss however, one must consider that an adult daily requirement is 30mcg where as many commercial supplements contain 10mg of biotin.


Brazilian researchers in San Paolo have observed the effects of Biotin supplementation healthy patients with no prior history of thyroid disease. They measured patients Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (fT4) and triiodothyronine (T3) levels 3 hours and 24 hours after ingesting 10mg of biotin.


After 3 hours, the mean TSH was 1.66 ± 0.6mUI/L, significantly lower than the mean levels prior to intake 2.84 ± 1.27mUI/L. After 24 hours there was no change.


TSH is the primary bloodmarker measured in a patient with thyroid disease. Biotin supplementation may alter results and falsely diagnose Grave’s disease or make a patient with subclinical hypothyroidism appear to have normal test results.


Given this evidence, at Bronte Wellness Boutique, our Naturopathic Doctors recommend that patients stop biotin supplementation prior to thyroid testing in order to maintain accuracy of thyroid test results. To book a complete thyroid hormone panel, feel free to call or book an appointment online with one of our experienced Oakville Naturopathic Doctors.[/fusion_text]