It’s not news that our daily diet needs to be mapped out to ensure it fulfills all of our body’s nutritional needs. But, with our modern-day lifestyle, these needs are simply not being met, and this results in poor health – namely due to nutritional deficiencies.

And since we can’t just take a vitamin or supplement to counteract every deficiency, then what is the SOLUTION to meeting the body’s nutritional needs – effectively and conveniently?

In short… IV Vitamin Therapy is the answer. 

When you take supplements orally, they just pass through the digestive system, which could cause discomfort in those with conditions such as ulcers, as well as result in lowered absorption. 

On the other hand, in IV Vitamin Therapy, the nutrients are administered straight into the bloodstream, allowing them to reach the cells and tissues more effectively, resulting in a higher level of absorption.

IV Vitamin Therapy has so many other benefits too – for example, it can… 

  • Support weight management
  • Help manage hypothyroidism
  • Provide higher levels of hydration
  • Improve energy and cell function
  • Enhance skin and hair quality
  • Reduce the side effects and vitamin loss resulting from chemotherapy
  • Aid migraine, headache, and other chronic pain
  • Enhance mood and mental focus
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Strengthen the cardiac system
  • Improve overall health & well-being

Furthermore, the customizable nature of IV Vitamin Therapy allows you to tailor the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids based on your body’s needs and requirements so it can  address your specific health issues.


Welcome to Bronte Wellness Boutique

Founded by Dr. Samantha Ristimaki, Bronte Wellness is a pre-eminent naturopathic clinic in Oakville, Ontario — where a steadfast team of therapists provide a top-quality standard of health care and a wide range of wellness therapies so clients can live their best lives.

Being a boutique clinic, the services they offer range from massage therapy, IV therapy & vitamin injections, counselling, integrated cancer care, cosmetic acupuncture, bioidentical hormone therapy, and the list goes on…

But, what makes them a unique Naturopathic Clinic?

  1. Top-rated  Therapy Experts – the team consists of skilled therapists who are trusted authorities in their field
  2. Clinical Experience – most of their therapists hold over 10 years of experience
  3. Spa-like Environment – that ensures their clients a relaxing and restorative experience

Even more notable, is that Bronte Wellness Boutique recently won a ThreeBestRated® award as one of the Top 3 Naturopathic Clinics in the Oakville region by passing through their strict 50-Point Inspection. Notably, they have been holding the position for six subsequent years. 

“ThreeBestRated® is a fantastic tool for people who don’t have that direct referral and still want to connect with practitioners who they can trust and have confidence in.

Our patients’ health success, personal growth, and development are what we are most proud of.” – Dr. Samantha Ristimaki ND


Exciting Plans for 2023:

Here’s what is new, exciting and innovative for the coming year…

  • Expanded IV Therapy hours to give patients more accessibility and options with  evening and weekend appointments 
  • An expansion of the Integrative Cancer Care Program (which was developed at the end of 2022) 
  • The One-month Metabolic Reset Program has begun, and clients are already reporting an average of 10lbs lost so far!
  • The addition of a therapist who solely focuses on prenatal mental health 
  • The administrative team has grown and now includes one full-time employee committed exclusively to client care 
  • The development of their own signature line of products to ensure patients have access to high-quality, Canadian-made supplements = convenient and easy to access 

To learn more and to book your first (or next) appointment, click here.