So it’s your first osteopathy session. YAY!! Most walk into this appointment thinking “I don’t even know what she does” or “ I’m not sure what to expect but I’m willing to try anything at this point”. So to ease some uncertainty, let’s talk about it a bit.

Think of it like a first date. We sit and speak about all the boring stuff you’re tired of talking to health care professionals about, in addition to perhaps some personal and embarrassing things you’d rather keep to yourself. Great thing about this date?? You never have to worry about me saying “woah this is too much, I’m outta here!” I’m here with you for your entire journey. AND!!! I’d actually prefer you come in something comfortable. No dressing up required or preferred.

Once we’ve finished our chat, we can begin to address main concerns through treatment. Majority of the time, it’s very gentle and relaxing, and the goal is to have you feeling calm and in less discomfort compared to when you arrived. Depending on your main concerns, bones, joints, soft tissue as well as bodily systems and the nerves that innervate them can all be areas of treatment. This is done manually and over your clothing.

At the end of our time together, I’ll explain what I felt, regarding dysfunctions as well as corrections that were made and together we come up with a game plan. This is the part of the date when I ask “did you enjoy yourself?” or “when can I see you again?”

For some, the time between our meetings may include homework, like stretches or increasing water intake for example, to assist the body in welcoming a new, more optimal way of functioning. Please be diligent! They’re recommended for your benefit. Observing how you feel while we’re apart is helpful for when we reunite as it gives me insight around what your body liked and responded really well to, and what it may not be ready for.

Osteopathy is a practice that works at a very deep level and results are most often felt during a 24-48hr window post treatment.

Hopefully this helps remove first date jitters, and it’s enough to have you agree to meet soon.