Insurance benefit plans have coverage for a lot of different services and are often under utilized. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had patients tell me they’ve had benefits for years and have never really used them. I’m always shocked because this is literally throwing money away. Benefits are part of your compensation package and you do not have to be sick or injured to utilize your benefits.


Registered Massage Therapy

Coming in for a massage when you are healthy can actually help prevent future injury. Massage is great for relaxation, stress relief and can help improve sleep quality. All our Registered Massage Therapists are amazing so even if you think you feel fine, trust me, we will be able to find spots you didn’t even know were sore. If the usual body massage doesn’t interest you, Shiatsu and Indie Head Massage are a great alternative. Check out our website for more information on these incredible services.


Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic Doctors do more than just treat people who are sick. They offer preventative medicine to keep you feeling great, boost your immune system and improve your energy to help get you through cold/flu season and the busy holiday season ahead.


Cosmetic Acupuncture


Did you know our Naturopaths also cosmetic acupuncture? Cosmetic acupuncture is a great alternative to Botox and fillers. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen production and improve skin tone while reducing redness.

IV Therapy


IV therapy is a great way to boost your immune system, improve energy, aid in weight loss and can even reduce headaches and stress. Since IV therapy are provided by our Naturopathic Doctors they can be covered under your Naturopathic benefits.

Counselling and Psychotherapy


You do not need to have a major issue to benefit from seeing a psychotherapist. Our resident psychotherapist and counsellor ca help to coach you in mindfullness and cognitive behavioural therapy to better cope with stress and life changes.


Most company benefits end at the end of the year and aren’t bankable so if you don’t use them, you lose them. Appointments are booking up fast. Be sure to check out our online booking calendar or feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to help you use up those benefits!