Unless you are planning on living in a glass bubble, chances are you will be exposed to cold and flu germs throughout the whole season. When cold and flu sufferers cough or sneeze, tiny droplets that are inhaled or transmitted from hard surfaces infect an unlucky host. Small changes can go a long way in keeping you healthy!

Wash your hands before you eat
Back in grade school when the teacher took the whole class to wash their hands before lunch, there was a purpose. Hand washing, however, should be thorough to get the job done and not just a quick rinse. You may also consider using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Rethink finger foods in public
That big bowl of chips and dip may look appetizing, but who knows what germs the last person left in the bowl or if someone was a double dipper!

Pack your own pen
Germs latch onto solid surfaces. Think about how many people have touched the pen that the grocery store clerk hands you to sign your visa slip.

Don’t touch your face
It’s not an easy feat, but challenge yourself to not touch your face for at least a day. Germs enter through your mouth, nose and eyes. This will not only stop the spread, but also dramatically increase the immune cells that help fight off infection.

Clean your house
Even when you’re busy, take the time to wipe down surfaces that are touched frequently. Don’t forget to sanitize handrails, doorknobs and handles, as they are probably the most touched and seldom disinfected.

Don’t cover a sneeze or cough with your hands
Transferring germs to your hands is only going to ensure that those same germs are transferred to everything you touch. Sneezing in mid-air will spread germs too. Try grabbing a tissue and then discard it right away.

Flush out your system
Staying hydrated will help to flush your body. A good rule of thumb is 8 cups a day, but everyone is different. If your urine is clear, you’re doing great!

Get your sleep and try not to stress too much. Your body’s immune system will respond more readily against cold & flu viruses when it has the energy available to do so. Massage therapy is also a great way to relax and destress.

Stay healthy this cold and flu season. For more information on how to boost your immune system naturally, feel free to contact our Oakville clinic to book an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.