A Naturopathic Doctor is trained in conventional medicine but have a unique skill set that allows them to practice functional medicine and utilize a natural approach to help you feel your best. At our clinic, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of care.


Here are the most common concerns that our Oakville Naturopathic Doctor treats:


Hormone Imbalance


Hormones play an essential role in keeping the body healthy and functioning optimally. Most often times we think of sex hormones being the only ones that can be out of balance, but adrenal hormones and thyroid hormones also help to keep the body functioning optimally. When any of these hormones become out of sync, a person can experience fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, low libido, weight gain, stress, acne, hot flashes and infertility. Our naturopathic doctor can help assess the hormonal imbalance and get you on the path to optimal health. Your treatment plan may include individualized dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine and acupuncture as well as Bioidentical hormone replacement or prescription desiccated thyroid hormone.


Digestive Issues


Digestion complaints such as gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea often have people seeking naturopathic help. Digestive complaints can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and unfortunately, the medical system offers little with respect to dealing with digestive issues that are not pathological. Our naturopath provide comprehensive digestive assessments that can help you understand whether your health problems are associated with food allergies, digestive insufficiencies, bacterial imbalance or clinical pathologies.




Can’t get your day started without a cup of coffee or feeling like you need a cookie to make it past an afternoon energy crash? If you are feeling exhausted, there may be something else going on. Issues such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, auto-immune disease, hypothyroidism and many more can leave you feeling tired. Our comprehensive health assessments can help you determine why you are feeling tired and help you to start feeling your best. Check out our blog post about 10 different things than could be making you tired.





For most women, this decline in hormone levels associated with menopause can be accompanied by an array of unpleasant symptoms. The onset of hot flashes, mood swings, memory decline, anxiety, insomnia, weight-gain, vaginal dryness causing painful intercourse, decreased libido, frequent urinary tract infections and many more can occur just before and during menopause. With the recent controversy surrounding the dangerous effects of hormone replacement therapy, many women are seeking safer alternatives to ease the menopause transition. Symptoms can be treated and minimized by our naturopathic doctor using natural therapies, including dietary and nutritional programs, specialized hormone balancing supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and acupuncture.




Weight gain, constipation, thinning hair, low mood, insufficient energy, cold intolerance and insomnia are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. This disease is very common among women and it’s important to first accurately diagnose the type of thyroid disorder so that it can be treated appropriately. Our naturopathic doctor provides comprehensive labwork and functional testing to assess thyroid function and provide alternative strategies for treatment.




Infertility is more common in the past 10 years and can have couples seeking additional support. Naturopathic care can be used alone or in conjunction with reproductive assistance. Our naturopathic doctor review each patient case in detail and provide an integrated approach that includes nutrition, supplements, lifestyle suggestions and acupuncture treatment. The goal is to increase your overall health and nutritional status to optimize the body for conception.




Acne is a common complaint that presents itself to women of all ages. It can be triggered by a variety of physiological factors including high stress, elevated testosterone, poor diet, sluggish liver and kidney function or high chemical content of cosmetics and skin care products. Once we identify the root cause of the issue, it’s important to treat the body from the outside in and the inside out to attain radiant skin.


Weight Loss


Whether you have 5 or 50lbs to lose, our naturopathic doctor work with patients to assess any underlying health issues that may be an obstacle to weight loss and then design comprehensive nutritional plans to support weight loss. Our mission is to teach you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that is realistic and sustainable for a lifetime.


If you or someone you care about could benefit from naturopathic care is suffering from any of the above conditions, our Oakville naturopathic doctor can help. Don’t hesitate to call us or book an appointment online. We love helping people get healthy, look beautiful and feel amazing.