Nutrients, B12 and weight loss

During weight loss, the goal is to increase energy output and support fat metabolism. It’s also important to balance hormones, optimize sleep, manage stress levels and ensure adequate nutrient intake despite a lower calorie diet. Providing the proper vitamins and minerals intravenously can help boost energy and metabolism to kickstart and maintain weight loss. Our nutrients and vitamin B12 weight loss IV can support a weight loss regime by supplying your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

About Our B12 Weight Loss IV

Our IV formulation is specifically designed with nutrients and B12 for weight loss support. Vitamin B12 and B6 are the main nutrients in our Weight Loss Boost IV. We also add vitamin B5 to support your adrenal glands and stress levels. Apart from vitamins and minerals, this IV also contains a mix of acetyl-l-carnitine and other amino acids. Acetyl-l-carnitine supports utilization of fat for energy by helping the transport of fat into cells to be used for energy. It also helps preserve glycogen stores in muscles, meaning it shifts utilization of fat over carbohydrates which can increase exercise performance. You may be able to increase your exercise regime with less sore muscles afterwards.

What to Expect from a B12 Weight Loss IV Therapy

At your first appointment for B12 weight loss IV therapy, a Naturopathic Doctor will review your medical history, overall health and weight loss goals. They will discuss with you the options for IV therapy and ensure that it will be safe and effective for you. At that first appointment, the Naturopathic Doctor will administer a mini IV treatment to assess your tolerance to the treatment. This first appointment ensures that B12 weight loss IV therapy will be suited to your personal health and weight loss goals. You will be asked to go for blood work following the first appointment, and your Naturopath will follow-up to confirm your next appointment for vitamin B12 weight loss IV therapy.

Learn More About IV Therapy for Weight Loss

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