About Our Vitamin C IV

When it comes to naming the crowning royalty of vitamins, Vitamin C reigns supreme. The super antioxidant is often used during cancer care both post-chemotherapy and preventatively for its incredible ability to both rebuild the immune system and promote tissue healing. Our primary focus when providing a serious dose of Vitamin C — this drip packs in 50 – 75 mg per drip — is to bolster the immune system with a generous dose of the potent antioxidant. Ideal for a post-surgical procedures, injuries or anytime your body needs an extra boost, the Mega C drip heals the body from the inside out.

How to Book a Vitamin C IV Therapy

All IV patients are required to have a 1st IV therapy visit prior to booking specific IV treatment. Your first IV therapy session is designed to review your goals and to ensure that IV vitamin therapy is safe and effective for you. Your Naturopathic Doctor will assess your overall health, your treatment goals, and your medical history to ensure your safety and to ensure the vitamin drip best-suited for you is recommended. During the first visit, an initial mini IV will be given to assess your tolerance to IV therapy. If IV therapy is deemed a positive addition to your healthcare regime, your doctor will have you go for blood work to assess liver and kidney function. To be eligible for an Anti-Aging IV, a liver marker known as G-6-PD must also be tested. A small percentage of the population is deficient in this and as such cannot processed higher doses of vitamin C so we have make this blood test a requirement in in order to ensure that the Anti-Aging IV is safe for you. Once we have your blood work, we can proceed in booking your next Anti-Aging IV appointment.

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