About Our Grief Counselling

Grief is a normal response to a loss, whether the loss of a relationship, death of a friend, family or loved one, a recent health diagnosis or the loss of job. Everyone experiences grief differently, but Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross developed the theory that when grieving we go through 5 stages after a loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages aren’t linear, but a highly Individual, nonlinear healing process that takes time. There is no timeline; for some it may take months and for other years. However, the key is to acknowledge your emotions as grief involves complex feelings and most likely mental suffering.

Often people are left alone to deal with their feelings on their own, but grief counselling can help you heal faster by giving you a safe space to process your feelings related to your loss. Grief counselling goes at your own pace to grieve freely but also provide guidance and support as you navigate the different stages. Our grief can often create obstacles with our daily functioning, and counselling can you help you learn strategies to be able to help you better cope with your grief. Counselling also allows you space and time to focus on how to support loved ones who may also be going through the grieving process- no two people grieve the same, therefore helpful to gain insight on how to support others.

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