About Our Seasonal Affective Dissorder (SAD) Counselling

According to CMHA, “about 2 to 3% of Canadians will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in their lifetime. Another 15% will experience a milder form of SAD that leaves them only slightly depressed, but still able to live their life without major disruptions.”

As the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and the sun shines less many of us start to notice a change in our mood and overall well being. SAD is a type of seasonal depression that occurs during the winter months (November – March) and is caused by an insufficient exposure to light. As the seasons changes from fall and winter we may develop the following symptoms:

  • Lower energy than usual
  • Mood changes such as feeling more irritable, sad, etc.
  • Diminished productivity
  • Lower interest in pleasurable activities or reduced enjoyment in your life
  • Lowered interest in socializing
  • An decrease or an increase in appetite
  • Harder to cope with stress
  • Feelings of hopelessness

If two or more of the above symptoms sounds familiar, then you may be struggle with SAD. Counselling can help us increase our awareness of distorted thoughts that may perpetuate symptoms of SAD. A counsellor can help you manage your thoughts, increase self-care and learn strategies to better cope throughout the winter months. If you’re experiencing symptoms related to SAD, please consider seeking support now to cope with the winter months.

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