The body is incredibly effective at dealing with problems that arise. Symptoms experienced during cold and flu are the body’s natural attempt to eliminate infection. Think about supporting the body rather than suppressing natural defences. Flu symptoms may seem worse initially, but the duration of the illness will probably be shorter and secondary infections are prevented if you allow the body to heal itself.

  1. Ride out a low-grade fever: The body raises its internal temperature to help kill infection.
  2. Limit decongestants: Mucous production not only soothes irritated tissue that becomes inflamed, but it also helps to trap organisms and eliminate them through phlegm and runny noses.
  3. Soothe, but don’t suppress a cough: Coughing helps the body expectorate mucous, which helps clear out infection.
  4. SLOW DOWN: You feel more tired because the body wants you to slow down. It needs the energy to fight infection and rest will allow you to put up a strong fight.
  5. Listen to your appetite: Appetite may decrease during a cold or flu because the body tries to starve the bacteria or virus. Your body will tell you what it needs.

Nutrition is key to a healthy immune system. Eat light, drink plenty of fluids and start having soups at the first sign of cold and flu. Avoid excess sugar because it suppresses the immune system and stay away from fruit juices, dairy, coffee, alcohol and pop. Foods like onion and garlic added to old fashioned chicken broth can help kill bacteria.

To help boost your immunity this cold and flu system, please contact our Oakville clinic to book an appointment with one of our naturopaths.